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Top Image for Hidden Dock Supports

DOCK SYSTEMS : Support Options

With 3 styles of supports you can design almost any layout.

Post Heights

We recommend you place your dock 16" above the surface of the water.
For Standard Supports remember to include all 4 measurements depicted below to select the proper post length.
The Hidden Supports are designed so that the water depth is the only measurement needed to order the correct support.

post height

Bottom Conditions

Different types of lake bottoms require different types of support.
Use the diagram below to decide which Bottom Plate or Auger is right for you. In hard sand or gravel you can use either a Hidden Support or Standard Support Assembly with any type of auger or bottom plate.
In mud or silt the use of Standard Support Assemblies may be necessary to allow
for deep and secure augering of the posts.

bottom conditions

hidden supports

Hidden Support

Our Hidden Support system features a sleek design that almost disappears under your dock. Made of welded aluminum, it is corrosion and rust-resistant, so you can have peace of mind that it will last for years to come. The fully adjustable design is strong, durable, and easy to install.


Multiple Leg Options

Works with our adjustable legs or standard 2" pipe and auger.


Improved Rigidity

Stringer brackets are extra large to eliminate flex.


Accessory Mount

Open end design to accommodate accessories.


Adjustable Width

Accommodates docks from 32" to 51" wide.


Adjustable Legs

Eight sizes of legs accommodate water depths from 0" to 85".
Locking design allows for infinite height adjustment.


Welded Foot Pad

Large 6" x 6" pad, welded for stability.


standard supports

Cool Dock with Standard Supports
  • Will support any dock configuration.

  • Augers offer the most rigid support and can be used in any bottom condition.

  • The posts can be used for mooring lines or accessories such as flag poles.

  • Best for deep water or muddy bottom.

  • Pipe offered in 2" Aluminum, 2" HD Aluminum, or 2" Gatorshield™ Galvanized Steel. Allied Gatorshield™ is American made with triple layer zinc Flo-Coat® to provide four times the rust and corrosion protection of ordinary galvanized steel.


Augers and Bottom Plates are not included.

* HD Posts require Composite Auger : AUGP

crossarms & diagonal braces


Aluminum Auger


aluminum auger

Used to auger post into the lake bottom.

Post Socket


post socket

Gives the rigidity of an augered post but installs permanently in lake bottom.

Composite Auger


composite auger

Fits 2" HD aluminum pipe.

Stringer Bracket


stringer bracket

Attaches dock to crossarm and holds two sections of dock together.

Small Bottom Plate


small bottom plate

Can be used in place of auger when lake bottom is gravel or hard sand.

Crossarm Clamp


crossarm clamp

Attaches crossarm to vertical post.

Large Bottom Plate


large bottom plate

Can be used in place of auger or with auger in soft conditions.

Tee Connector


tee connector

Used to make a T or L by clamping on the crossarm of one dock and the side of another.

Mud Auger


mud auger

Used to auger posts into mud or soft bottoms.

Diagonal Clamp


diagonal clamp

Used to make support more rigid in deep water. Use two with crossarm

Post Ratchet


post ratchet

Speeds up installation of posts that use augers.

truss supports

Truss Support with Standard Supports
  • 18" high all aluminum truss to build patios or dock platforms.

  • Easy to install lightweight.


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