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Cantilever pontoon lift with pontoon boat

PONTOON LIFTS : Cantilever

The best Pontoon Lift for really shallow water - works with most Tritoon designs.

too shallow
for a pontoon lift?



If you have shallow
water and a sandy
bottom this lift
is ideal.

keep it simple

man in chair

Life can be complicated. 
So keep your summer simple.


Using our Cantilever Pontoon Lift

is the 

simplest and least 
expensive way

to secure your 
pontoon boat.

Pontoon Cantilever Lift

LSP20H + LSP04H (model shown)
See below for complete list of models
with specifications & accessories

Expandable design means

you can convert from a 20' to a 24' or 28'

with the addition of extension kits.


Heavy Duty Winch

Heavy duty winch has greater strength and dependability than lightweight “trailer” type winches that are used by other manufacturers. New design allows winch to be positioned on either side of the lift.


Dockside Wheel Design

Innovative design extends out 29" from the lift to allow easy cranking from the dock. The NEW 32" diameter wheel is powder coated for a durable finish.


Redesigned for Tritons

Improved H unit design with widened V and lowered cross support to accept tritoons in shallow water.


Built-In Leg Bracket

With each 4' extension kit.


Non Marking Rollers

White polyester rollers gently guide your boat onto the lift without damage or marks.


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